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My Life For The Code

Hello, I am no longer posting to this blog. Please check out my new blog at Thanks, Shawn Rakowski Advertisements

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My Beef With Goldilocks The Three Bears

I put my daughter to bed most nights, and just about every time I do I read her various books. One of these books is the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. There is a section of this book that drives

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Advice to Computer Science Students On Writing Resumes

One of my responsibilities at work is to help in the recruitment process for entry level software engineers who are mostly recent and soon-to-be graduates in computer science. While I’ve had this responsibility I’ve reviewed a good number of resumes,

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Hack Night Dreams

There are many things I miss about my college days, but if there was one thing I miss more than anything else it was the energy of the computer science lab late night the day before a big project was

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Babby Formed: First Look At The Spawn Of…

My wife and I had our ultrasound today… I am going to be having an amazing little girl sometime in June :).

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Accents and Dialects… and Coding Standards

In college and in my career I have regularly worked with people who originated from foreign countries. Their home may have been China, South Africa, Korea, India, UK, or any number of other countries. One thing we all have in

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Changing The World and Taming The Spirit

I started training a great group of new hires at work this week. This is my first time training a group and it’s been exciting. Today I had something interesting pop up that brought me back to something I blogged

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