My Beef With Goldilocks The Three Bears

I put my daughter to bed most nights, and just about every time I do I read her various books. One of these books is the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. There is a section of this book that drives me mad, and if it wasn’t an ancient golden book that my daughter enjoyed so much I would have tossed it out many months ago.

What drives me nuts? It’s not that there are three personified bears. It’s not that it is a story about home invasions by scary girls. It has everything to do with the porridge…

So… the mid-sized bear (that’s the mama bear) makes some porridge. It’s too hot to eat so the bears take a walk in the woods. Later, Goldilocks invades the bear’s home and spies the darn porridge. She proceeds to try each of them. The large bowl is too hot. The middle sized bowl is too cold. The small bowl is just right…

wait.. wtf…

In what universe does a medium sized bowl of porridge dissipate heat faster than a small bowl? I guess there is the unlikely scenario that the mother bear liked her porridge cold so she poured it early and let it sit prior to pouring the large and small bowls, but really? This inconsistency completely ruins this book for me.

There, off my chest. Please, someone talk some sense into me…


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