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Babby Formed: First Look At The Spawn Of…

My wife and I had our ultrasound today… I am going to be having an amazing little girl sometime in June :). Advertisements

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Accents and Dialects… and Coding Standards

In college and in my career I have regularly worked with people who originated from foreign countries. Their home may have been China, South Africa, Korea, India, UK, or any number of other countries. One thing we all have in

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Changing The World and Taming The Spirit

I started training a great group of new hires at work this week. This is my first time training a group and it’s been exciting. Today I had something interesting pop up that brought me back to something I blogged

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Initiatives and Mandates, or, Why We Try To Shove Square Pegs Into Round Holes

Imagine that you have a board in front of you with a series of holes. Each of these holes are different shapes and sizes. In the pile to the left of you is a is a set of pegs, of

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Legacy System Replacement

Its funny, when you tack the “legacy” adjective to a system it suddenly is something that must be replaced. However, like any other asset whether or not a legacy system should be replaced is determinable by a cost-benefit analysis. The following matrix is

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Training SE’s: Top-Down Vs. Bottom-Up

As I blogged about a few weeks ago, I am now responsible for training new developers at my place of employment. The training program is in need of an overhaul and I am exploring options. One of the things I have

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New Responsibility At Work: New Developer Training

After a few weeks of uncertainty, I found out today that I will be taking charge on new developer training. The chance to help new developers succeed is something that I have desired to do since I first found my passion for software development. This is the reason one

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