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Changing The World and Taming The Spirit

I started training a great group of new hires at work this week. This is my first time training a group and it’s been exciting. Today I had something interesting pop up that brought me back to something I blogged

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Initiatives and Mandates, or, Why We Try To Shove Square Pegs Into Round Holes

Imagine that you have a board in front of you with a series of holes. Each of these holes are different shapes and sizes. In the pile to the left of you is a is a set of pegs, of

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Training SE’s: Top-Down Vs. Bottom-Up

As I blogged about a few weeks ago, I am now responsible for training new developers at my place of employment. The training program is in need of an overhaul and I am exploring options. One of the things I have

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Well, Actually… This Is So True

While perusing twitter today I stumbled upon this blog post Well, Actually by Miguel de Icaza today, and wow this so true. To sum it up, Miguel argues that us software developers suffer from a social weakness, a behavior identifiable by

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The State Diagram, First Cut

First cut of DVD player state diagram. For those who are following along, yesterday I talked the second assignment for my first Master’s course being a series of state diagrams. Go here to refresh your memory. In that post, I laid

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Software Engineering #1 Best Job for 2011 :)

Apparently I picked a pretty good career! Best and Worst Jobs for 2011 Software Engineering rocks!

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What is Knowing UML Worth?

I bought a book on UML 2.0, UML 2.0 In a Nutshell to be specific, and have been reading it on breaks at work. While on break today I was asked by one of our architects why I was reading

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