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Hack Night Dreams

There are many things I miss about my college days, but if there was one thing I miss more than anything else it was the energy of the computer science lab late night the day before a big project was

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Semi-Object Oriented C Development – Part 4

An Alternate Way… I haven’t added to this series in a while, but a friend of mine named Cole left a comment on my first post that I thought I should share. He recommended an alternative implementation for typedefing your

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Semi-Object Oriented C Development – Part 3

Well, here it is! Part 3 of my series on Object… Semi-Object Oriented C Development. For those of you sitting in your chairs saying, “I don’t remember parts 1 and 2”, well here you go: Object Oriented C Development

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Review Of Visual Studio 2010 Architecture Tools

Since before my workplace officially upgraded the version of Visual Studio I have been working with from 2003 to 2010 I had discovered and had used the new architecture that are packaged with this version of Visual Studio. Thus far

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What is Knowing UML Worth?

I bought a book on UML 2.0, UML 2.0 In a Nutshell to be specific, and have been reading it on breaks at work. While on break today I was asked by one of our architects why I was reading

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The Death Of A Software Project

After working heavily with a messaging server at work, I decided it might be fun to write my own messaging server. I launched an open source project on Codeplex called Gabriel Messaging Service (GMS) and started working on it. After

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Semi-Object Oriented C Development – Part 2

In Part 1 of “Object Oriented C Development” I talked about typedefing your “class” as a “void *”, how to define a “constructor” and how to define a “destructor”. In case you forgot, or haven’t seen it, here is the

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