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Accents and Dialects… and Coding Standards

In college and in my career I have regularly worked with people who originated from foreign countries. Their home may have been China, South Africa, Korea, India, UK, or any number of other countries. One thing we all have in

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What is Knowing UML Worth?

I bought a book on UML 2.0, UML 2.0 In a Nutshell to be specific, and have been reading it on breaks at work. While on break today I was asked by one of our architects why I was reading

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The Death Of A Software Project

After working heavily with a messaging server at work, I decided it might be fun to write my own messaging server. I launched an open source project on Codeplex called Gabriel Messaging Service (GMS) and started working on it. After

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Refactoring into Crunch Time

Blah! I never feel comfortable with my code. I sit. I code. I hate it. I refactor it. I like it. I code. I code. I hate it. I refactor it. I like it again. Then I hate it again.

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