The Death Of A Software Project

After working heavily with a messaging server at work, I decided it might be fun to write my own messaging server. I launched an open source project on Codeplex called Gabriel Messaging Service (GMS) and started working on it. After a few, well, more than a “few”, attempts at writing the thing I gave up. It is not that I could not get the code to work. I could. It was that I was never happy with what I wrote. I eventually deleted the source code and abandoned the project.

After months of letting the project sit out on Codeplex, yesterday I requested the project be unpublished, and today I deleted it. Abandoned projects seem to be running rampant on some of the open source repositories out there, some don’t even have usable source code checked in. I could have let this project go on living, but I felt kind of embarrassed by its existence. I have felt recently that code I release to the public, and, code that I don’t (i.e. code I write at work) is something that reflects, to a certain extent, who I am as a software engineer (in the making). Releasing incomplete, poorly written, abandoned code is not who I want to be as a developer and not who I am as a developer. For this reason I killed off the project.

I wonder if I am not alone in this feeling? Does anyone else think that the code they write represents them in some way?


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