New Responsibility At Work: New Developer Training

After a few weeks of uncertainty, I found out today that I will be taking charge on new developer training. The chance to help new developers succeed is something that I have desired to do since I first found my passion for software development. This is the reason one of my professional goals is to one day teach a course in computer science or software engineering at a University. Taking on developer training allows me to fulfill some of this desire, and gain experience in how to successfully educate others (something I will need if I hope to be succesful in my professional goals).

In addition to training, this responsibility includes full involvement in the recruitment process including on campus interviewing and participation in recruitment events.  I look forward to this because it gives me a chance to develop my communication skills as well as providing the opportunity to interact with the community of developers outside of my employer.

I will be starting work on this immediately as we have a new developer starting next week. I will be working with the previous and interim trainer to get me caught up to speed. In April I will be attending the MICS conference at St. Scholastica in Duluth Minnesota. Then I have a little over a month before we welcome in larger group of new hires and interns.

If you look at my professional goals you will see that my first goal is to take on a least one major initiative at my current employer within 2 years. I believe that this responsibility will afford me the ability to carry out this goal. The training program for new developers is in need of a facelift, and that this task is exactly the type of iniative I am looking for.


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