Me Vs The Meterbratwurst… :)

I will try to blog in a little bit about my experience at security training today, but before I get to that I have to talk about my experience at this place Gasthof zur Gemutlichkeit in Minneapolis MN. Serving up some of the best German food in Minnesota, this is probably my first taste of authentic German food.

The atmosphere at this place was awesome. They had a guy walking around playing the accordion. He played both traditional German songs and modern songs (like Black Sabbath). When they delivered your drinks they had you toast, “ziggy zaggy, ziggy zaggy, oi, oi, oi”, and clank your drinks together.

The fact that I had my first taste of authentic German food is not the story here, what is the story is that I took on the famous Gasthof Meterbratwurst, a meter long (3 feet) bratwurst with 2 sides (in my case, spatzle and asparagus). This was featured on the Travel channel’s Man vs. Food (after the lutefisk). After you are done you get a certificate of accomplishment.

The bratwurst tasted amazing (at first) some of the best sausage I have ever had. The spatzle was to die for. I don’t have much to say about the asparagus, it was asparagus. I started off strong eating both of my sides and a lot of the brat.

After I got down to about 5 “normal” sized brats worth of food I hit the wall. After some settling, burping, and a few trips to the bathroom I slowly choked down the ever cooling brat.

After a couple of hours and fierce determination I finished the massive brat. I feel absolutely horrible now, but I have a great little certificate of completion, and I have my pride (maybe not my dignity).

After the brat and as they award you the certificate you get a shot of peach schnapps that clears your palette rather nicely.

I also got to try a little “snuff” which was tobacco and some mint. I am not a smoker or tobacco user in any way, but it was definitely something worth trying. They use this board that shoots it up into your nose. At first it burns a little bit, but eventually it feels refreshing and wonderful.

All and all, it was a great experience (with the exception of how horrible I now feel). I should also say that I had a liter of beer, a taste of the bread, and some of the salad. My only regret is not trying the wienerschnitzel, something I have wanted to have for a while.


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3 comments on “Me Vs The Meterbratwurst… :)
  1. Killick says:

    What about Oktoberfest at the Black Bear, Jicky Jack?

    • Yeah, I guess, this wasn’t the first bite of German food I have had. The food was great. Maybe you, jay, and I should visit Gasthof’s sometime.

      • Killick says:

        I understand the Gasthaus Bavarian by Stillwater is very good also. Now you should blog on your fitness regimine after you’ve had all this rich food.

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