My First Indian Food Experience :)

I know my blog is generally about Software Engineering, but I have nothing to say about that today. I spent the day travelling to the Twin Cities from my home in Thief River Falls, for those that missed it yesterday, this week I am in the Cities for training on secure coding. I will probably write a bit about secure coding this week as I take things away from the course. I may also talk a bit about what and where I am eating as I take every opportunity to try other foods while I am in an area that has something more ethnic than your average China buffet.

Since there was no security training today, all I have to talk about is food :). It was a great day for me as I had my first bite of Indian Cuisine. I ate at a little place in Minneapolis called the Jewel of India Now, I am not a food critic, and as this was the first time I have ever eaten Indian food you probably cannot trust my review, but the food here was absolutely fantastic. I had the Jewel Special Lamb. It was very tasty and the spice was about right. However, I found the waitress a bit funny. The place offers the food in 3 heats: mild, medium, and hot, and the waitress warned us that medium is “Minnesota hot” and hot is “rest of the world” hot. Well, I, having completed the Blazin’ Challenge at Buffalo Wild Wings on multiple occasions decided to go with the hottest. To my disappointment, I have made Texas chili that was much hotter than this food. However, the spice was very good, and I enjoyed the dish.

One thing I was very surprised on is how deceptive the portions were. As you can see in my picture above, the dish is served in the bowl to the upper right hand side of the picture. They also give you rice to put it over. The bowl looked very small, and I figured I would clean it out without much trouble. Now, I had no trouble finishing the dish, but it was very filling (I suppose the rice helped).

We also ordered and shared 2 orders of the “Naan” bread. This bread was fantastic and I wish I could get some up where I live. It was a flat bread that was at times crunch and at other times soft. It worked great to clean up the sauce from the bowl and from my plate (though I did a poor job at it compared to my colleagues).

All in all, it was probably one of the best experiences I have had eating out while away on training (this being only the second time I have been “away on training”). Tomorrow I should have a lot to talk about with regards to secure coding practices. Until then have a great day internet land 🙂


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