A Correction :)

In my blog post “What is Knowing UML Worth?” http://wp.me/p1fcqR-13 (a post I have yet to get input on) I mentioned an architect who asked me why I was reading the book on the UML. Well, I was embellishing a bit and the architect I spoke of, who I had no idea read my blog :), mentioned it today. That being said, I am publishing a “correction”. By no means was this architect implying that I should not learn UML or that there was no worth in learning it. In fact, he may ask to borrow my book in the future. I think the connotation he was giving off was more along the lines of “why read a book on your break when you are surrounded by all these people you could be talking to?”. The real answer to his question was: because they are all talking about World of Warcraft, (woe is me who spent time, blood, and treasure on Everquest 2 and doesn’t want to switch over and play WoW).

So I am publishing this “correction” to state that the architect I spoke of definitely understands the merit of learning the UML. I guess I was just trying to find some way to transition into asking what knowing the UML is worth, and I took some artistic license on the subject.

On a side note, in case the architect is reading this, with your big new fancy mega-high-def-TV are you going to have a Super Bowl party?



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2 comments on “A Correction :)
  1. Jeremy says:

    Well I would, but that would require me to actually clean up my house and somehow banish the wife and kids(Otherwise we will just get interrupted by my 5 year old who will want to come down and play Wii), and I am not so sure that would be too enjoyable for everyone else. Besides, I think that there is someone with an even bigger TV that is planning on hosting an event called “Super Bowl in the the hole”.

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