The State Diagram, First Cut

DVD Player State Diagram
First cut of DVD player state diagram.

For those who are following along, yesterday I talked the second assignment for my first Master’s course being a series of state diagrams. Go here to refresh your memory. In that post, I laid out some of the information for the first state diagram I was going to work on, the control software for a DVD player. Well, to the left is the *very* rough cut for this diagram.

 I think the Idle, Tray Open, Validating DVD, and Power Off states are about right. I think I have quite a bit of work to do on the “Playing DVD” state. First, I am not sure “Playing DVD” accurately represents this state. When I think of playing a DVD, I usually think of the content being displayed on the screen. I called that portion the “DVD Playback” state. I think I may rename the “Playing DVD” to something else, maybe “DVD Operation” or “Displaying DVD Content”.

 Also, as you can see, the Rewinding, Fast Forwarding, Pause, and DVD Playback states are getting rather complex with all the transitions. I may put FF, Rewind, Pause, and DVD Playback into a shared region. This would simplify the state switching between the state where content is being displayed and the state where the DVD menu is showing.
I’ll keep you posted as my diagram evolves. Stay tuned as I’ll be writing a short post about my first impression of using Visual Paradigm for UML, as well as BOUML. 

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