Wizard of Oz (Prototype)

I start my first class for my master’s degree on January 10th, however, I got my book this last week :). This first class is a general course on software engineering, and this is the book http://www.amazon.com/Software-Engineering-9th-Ian-Sommerville/dp/0137035152. I was a horrible reader while I was working on my undergraduate degree(s), and in highschool for that matter, but I’ve already started to dig into this book. Enough about that though, onto the title topic! A section of the book was talking about prototyping software. One particular type of prototype dubbed the “Wizard of Oz prototype” involves developing only the user interface. Requests into the user interface are then passed to a person who interprets them and issues the appropriate response, pay no attention to the man behind the curtain! I had never thought to write a prototype in this manner, but I could see where such a thing could be useful. I am hoping I might get a chance to make such a prototype in the future.


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